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​​Walking Dead TV Series Question of the Month of April 2014

What will happen in the Season 5 of the Walking Dead?

​​Walking Dead Comics Series Question of the Month of April 2014

Who will kill Negan?​​

Will Rick Grimes die?

Who is the Girl on the covers of Issues 127/128?​​​​​​
Random Video of 2014
Savedbyziro presents the Walking Dead Lego Series

This is Episode One of Season 1.​​
Main Protagonist

TV/Comics-Rick Grimes
Telltales-Lee Everett(DEAD)/Clementine
Lego Videos-Richard(DEAD)/Steven​​​​

Main Antagonist

TV-The Governor(DEAD)
Comics-The Governor(DEAD)/The Hunters(DEAD)/Negan
Telltales-St.John Family(DEAD)/Sranger(DEAD)/Carver
Lego Videos-​​​​​
​​​Maddog(Dead)/Merle Dixon(UNKNOWN)